Moto GP

Moto GPはエム・ティー・オーから発売されたゲームボーイアドバンス向けゲームソフト。


Game Boy Advance - Moto GP (2002)

Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA (2002)

This video was captured using the actual game on an actual Gamecube Game Boy Advance player. All races with the exception of the last race have been cut down to one lap for your consideration and enjoyment. The primary reason I even possess this game is because this game is included with my GT Advance cartridge. The cool thing about the GBA is that some games that had several installments on the GBA got put onto one cartridge and sold for a low price. That needs to happen again. Along with all three GT Advance games came Moto GP. For the longest time I wasn’t even aware that there was a fourth game on this cart. I tried it out and it is pretty decent. It’s not the greatest motorcycle racing game because it has been out done by Moto Racer Advance. I hope to some day get a hold of Moto Racer. Anyway this is Moto GP. One thing that clearly stands out about this game is the music. The music just plain rocks with one great guitar riff after another. The graphics are pretty decent and the motorcycle sound is........well.......not good but that really doesn’t matter because the rockin’ music makes up for that. The play control is kinda where this game falls short. It feels kind of stiff and there is no manual transmission offered which doesn’t settle well with me. Sometimes the directional pitch of your motorcycle doesn’t quite match the direction you’re actually heading which is quite distracting and can cause some stupid collisions while trying to pass other motorcycles and <b>...</b>

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Another gameplay vid to fill the void before my next proper vid. Hope you enjoy :3

Moto gp gba time trial kapeesh 67 gameboy

random gameplay of gba games enjoy!!!! ^_^ v rally bit generations flame on gekido godzilla domination krazy racers mortal kombat tekken star x gunstar heroes justice leage flash crash bandicot astro boy ecks vs server hot wheels stunt iridion 2 tony hawk skateboarding ghost rider moto gp wwe double dragon max payne bullet contra gradius king of fighters robotech sonic 2 super mario yoshi island boxing fever burnin rubber kelly slater fantastic four flame on

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Vroom!Vroom! xD =PI dunno what to write in the description xD

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I’m no MotoGP fan just happened to have this game so I decided to make a demo video for fun. Only diehard MotoGP fans would find this game enjoyable....seriously.

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Suscríbete Y Puntúa !

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Más info y votos en: Programa Juegos: Ericsson Xperia Play DLC Halo Reach Crysis 2 Moto GP 10/11

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Here comes Moto Racer Advance the last Moto Racer game to date. In this game you play GP races Motocross races and traffic races like in Road Rash.

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GBAレビュー集【レース】 ... 攻略・裏技集はネタバレを含みます。なお投稿は【攻略・ 裏技投稿フォーム】からお願いします。 ソフト名 発売日 ランク 総合点 投稿数 募集 攻略. ※ アドバンスGTA 2001/03/21 D 59点 09件 ○ -. ※ アドバンスGT2 2002/04/26 B 75点 11件 ○ - ... マリオカートアドバンス 2001/07/21 A 77 点 53件 × [有]. ※ Moto GP 2002/10/25 --- 46点 01件 ○ - ...
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